‘Accent’ Music Education Hub would like to work with local and national businesses to    enhance the Music provision offered to the children of Warrington and Halton.


Our vision: Placing the Emphasis on Music Education across Warrington & Halton


Our aims:


• Ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument,  other 

     than the voice, through whole class ensemble teaching programme.

• Provide opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform from an early age.

• Ensure clear progression routes are available and affordable to all young people.

• Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil is singing regularly, and that choirs            and other vocal ensembles are available in the area.


We want to work with local and national businesses to enhance our provision.

Accent Provides...


• Weekly music provision reaching approximately 7000 children

• Instrumental and vocal tuition across Warrington and Halton in all schools

• Primary and Secondary School lessons

• Whole class, small group and individual tuition

• Local, regional, national and international music education partnerships

• Staff development training

• Ensembles

• Curriculum support.

Mutual benefits through Sponsorship


Through our sponsorship programme we aim to:


• Build mutually beneficial partnerships.

• Understand your marketing campaigns, goals and visions, with the aim of

     supporting each other to maximise marketing opportunities.

• Promote and raise awareness of your brand to a potential target audience of

     approximately 7000 families in Warrington and Halton, in addition to other Hub

     sponsors and partners.

• Provide opportunities for networking, improve brand awareness and develop brand


• Maximise promotional partnerships which can assist you in combating the larger

     advertising budgets.

• Promote your business within Hub promotional literature, web links, concerts, events

     and training courses.

For more information, or to discuss a sponsorship proposal and how we can work together, please contact us using the form below. 


Pyramid Arts Centre

Palmyra Square South



Tel: 01925 442097

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