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Terry Caffrey


The Accent Team are delighted and honoured to welcome Terry Caffrey a well known and successful poet from Warrington as our Patron.


Terry's enthusiasm, and interaction with children relating to poetry, will be an inspiration to the children of Warrington and Halton.  We look forward to Terry's Support as Patron of Accent Music Education Hub.


Terry has recently worked on a Coastal Exchange Partnership Project between Accent Music Education Hub and The Atkinson Gallery , Southport .  This involved children from Warrington and Sefton participating in a poetry workshop, which was inspired by a visit to Southport beach and a vist to the Coast Exhibition at The Atkinson Gallery.


Terry is an excellent ambassador for Arts Education and we look forward to working with him in order to secure lasting and positive outcomes for children and young people.

Terry's poem to Accent - One of Our 5 A Day


One of Our 5 a Day

Children like to be themselves

And the morning mist lifts

Sleeping, raising, creativity

And the heavy weight shifts.

Arms stretch – eyes open

And together we climb stairs.

Young hearts – beat – beat – beat.

And the world becomes theirs.

Music is the breakfast for the mind

And feeds the hungry vein,

blowing, singing, drumming

Muesli in the rain.

Hear it through the valley

Over bridge and Mersey tide,

Violin – guitar, percussion – new doors are open wide.

Feel it in the rhythm – piano, string, soprano, base

Put the accent on the child, the smile upon the face.

A new dawn beckons, an orchestral sunrise,

Dine out on the music banquet on the highs.

Fingers fiddle furiously and the ground begins to shake

Wings spread gloriously and the eagles start to wake.

And the pulses beat – beat- beat

Splits the silence like a knife

Music is the porridge, cornflake, Weetabix

That fuels a fuller life.


For information on Poetry  Workshops that Terry can offer in your School please contact:-

Email:   terry.caffrey@gmail.com

Tel:        01925 724045

Mobile: 07733 016646


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