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African / Samba Drumming project

African and Samba drumming proje­­­­cts involve the whole class learning and enjoying the art of percussion. There is a strong focus on learning about different cultures and their approaches to music, song and dance. 

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Bespoke Classroom Provision

Some students or classes may find it challenging to access Music Education through standard routes, and this is where Accent’s Bespoke Classroom Provision can be an alternative. We develop a learning plan to offer a meaningful, enjoyable and accessible musical experience.

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Brass Project

The popular Brass project allows a Whole Class to develop their musical skills and knowledge through a 35-week course of Brass Instrumental Tuition. This may include, trumpet, tenor horn, French horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium and tuba.

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Curriculum Singing Project

The Curriculum Singing Project supports Schools with the new Music National Curriculum by ensuring that children from Key Stages 1 and/or 2 develop accurate, tuneful singing through a wide variety of age-appropriate repertoire.

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DJ Skills Project

The DJ Skills project introduces Key Stage 2 children to the concept of modern DJ skills. Using decks and computer software, children learn to cross fade and beat match like real DJs! A radio show is also generated by the children to demonstrate how they have developed their skills.

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Gospel Project

The Gospel Project is targeted at KS2 children and aims to give children an authentic experience of performing as part of a Gospel Choir. Alongside vocal performance coaching, children learn about the history behind this particular genre of music.

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Guitar Project

This hugely popular project aims to give children a valuable musical experience and basic musicianship skills, building a solid grounding and understanding for future musical development.

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Jazz Notes Project

A fantastic opportunity for children to gain their first experience in the Jazz music genre.​ Children will learn to play a Brass instrument, read simple rhythms, create compositions, develop their singing ability, improvise over simple melodies and perform in concerts. 

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Music & Movement Early Years and KS1

Early Years and Key Stage 1 Music & Movement projects are fun and engaging for children from 3-7 years old. The projects develop musical, listening and social skills and involves a range of activities including responding to live music, singing, games and playing musical instruments.

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Music & Movement with Phonics

This bespoke programme combines Physical Music with Phonics. Children associate everything from blending through tri-graphs and onwards to split vowel di-graphs with song and movement as opposed to bland paper concepts.

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Music & Movement with Numeracy

Music and Movement with Numeracy brings a fun and practical introduction to musical development at the same time as working on key elements of the maths curriculum. It can be tailored to fit in with pupils’ current knowledge to work on mastery or developing new skills.

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Recorder Project

The whole class Recorder Project is delivered to develop instrumental skills on this popular instrument. Children learn instrument-specific skills alongside breathing techniques, and are encouraged to develop musical knowledge, including rhythm, notation and dynamics.

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Strings Project

The String Projects can focus either on Violins only or on a mixed Strings group. The Violin project runs for 35 weeks and is aimed at Years 4, 5 and 6, and modified for Year 3 whilst the Mixed String project is particularly suited for Years 4, 5 and 6. All instruments are provided.

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Ukulele Project

The project develops sound general musical knowledge in addition to specific instrumental expertise. Children learn both strumming and plucking techniques through a varied repertoire of popular and engaging songs which are learned over the course of the project.

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Woodwind Project

The main objective is for pupils to use the correct playing technique for the Clarinet or Flute, tunefully! Imitation, call and response, aura skills, singing repertoire, melody playing, phrase shapes, interval, scales, and dynamics are key elements of the weekly lessons.

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