Guitar Project


This hugely popular project aims to give children a valuable musical experience and basic musicianship skills, building a solid grounding and understanding for future musical development. This is achieved through ensuring children learn correct posture, techniques and skills (such as melodic finger picking, harmonic chord playing, strumming and reading notation and tablature) whilst learning popular/modern songs they know.

Managed through carefully structured weekly lesson plans linked to the national curriculum the main emphasis is on learning and enjoying music in a large group environment.

Performance possibilities are presented to the groups through class and whole school assemblies and along with opportunities to perform to the wider community in large scale whole class performance concerts provides a great focus to the course. The children will also experience the use of modern technology with the opportunity to record their performances.

This Whole Class Tuition project is for the whole academic year and is for a class of pupils and their teacher. The aim behind actively involving a member of the school staff to learn alongside the children is that they will be a valuable means of supporting the pupils between sessions as well as for their own CPD and continuity for the school beyond the initial project.

Whole Class provision offers specialist tutors who produce weekly lesson plans with clear learning objectives related to the National Curriculum strategy and a tracking and monitoring system that follows the pupil.


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