Curriculum Singing Project


The Curriculum Singing Project supports Schools with the new Music National Curriculum by ensuring that children from Key Stages 1 and/or 2 develop accurate, tuneful singing through a wide variety of age-appropriate repertoire. Much of the repertoire will involve movement, actions and games.


Children develop vocal skills including: group and individual pitch-matching; unison singing; two-part singing from call and response, leading onto drones, ostinati, canons, rounds, independent part singing and quodlibets (partner songs).


Children also explore musical skills and concepts such as pulse, rhythm, phrase, structure, and the three comparatives (tempo, pitch and dynamics) which results in them singing with understanding and musicality.


School staff who attend the sessions are encouraged to sing the repertoire with the children in between the weekly sessions. To facilitate this, copies of the songs, activities and games, as well as CDs of the all the repertoire are left with the members of staff. It is hoped that the sessions will form valuable CPD for staff who are present.

Every school is encouraged to hold its own assembly in the Summer Term to showcase the songs and skills.


This can be booked as either a 30 week project or a 10 week project, with each session lasting for 45 minutes.


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