Bespoke Classroom Provision

Some students or classes may find it challenging to access Music Education through standard routes, and this is where Accent’s Bespoke Classroom Provision can be an alternative.

After discussions with the commissioning school, and careful assessment of the needs and abilities of each group of children, tutors develop a learning plan to offer a meaningful, enjoyable and accessible musical experience for all involved.

Projects may use a range of conventional musical instruments and technologies, including iPads, alongside other specialist instruments such as sound beams and sound modules, to ensure that all bespoke projects are a positive and rewarding experience for all participants.

The project has a strong focus on upskilling the workforce and a nominated Class Teacher learns alongside pupils. This teacher develops musical knowledge and understanding that enables them to act as a valuable means of support for pupils between sessions, as well as providing a valuable CPD opportunity that can sustain continuity for the school beyond the initial project.

Performance possibilities can be presented to the groups through class and whole school assemblies along with inclusion in large scale whole class performance concerts.

The duration of these projects is a minimum of one academic term with the possibility of extension being determined through discussion.

Whole Class provision offers specialist tutors who, where required, will produce weekly lesson plans with clear learning objectives related to the National Curriculum, and a tracking and monitoring system that follows individual pupils.

Accent are committed to ensuring that the needs of all schools and students in the region are met through a range of opportunities and we would actively encourage schools to contact us regarding any bespoke provision they may need for their students.


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